Perfect Memory. The First All-Natural Brain Detox.

Be good to your brain. Boost memory and cognitive performance with a unique, daily supplement.

The Best Food or Supplement for Your Memory & Brain? It's Not What You Think...

Chances are, no food or supplement is going to help if you're experiencing things like...

  • Constantly feeling mentally tired...
  • Frequent attacks of brain-fog that make it hard to think...
  • Feeling absent-minded and forgetful...
  • Losing your edge, and not as sharp as you once were...
  • Forgetting words and names...
... because if you're like most people, you don't need better nutrition or a brain vitamin.

You need a brain DETOX.

Why a Brain Detox for Better Brain Health?

Research shows that as we age our brains slowly become clogged with sticky, yellow plaques. These plaques (seen in the image above), called amyloid and tau, are toxic.

The more plaque buildup you have, the worse your memory and brain function becomes.

If we ate a specific anti-plaque diet for most our lives, exercised often and had no family history of cognitive decline, our brains would naturally clear out these plaques. Our brains would stay healthy and vibrant as we grew older.

The Ideal Daily Supplement for Anyone Over 40

The Washington University School of Medicine completed research which found some people up to age 88 had perfect memory.

Age hadn't slowed their mental function at all!

Their secret?

No sign of toxic plaque buildup in their brains. They were clear, clean and performed better as a result.

The same can't be said of the other study participants, who suffered frequent bouts of 'memory lapses' – repeating conversations, getting lost while driving, forgetting words and names.

They ALL had signs of brain plaque buildup.

If you care about having a strong memory and clear mental state as you age the one thing that can make a difference is whether or not your brain is properly flushing out harmful plaques and free to perform as it should.

How It Works

Our patented formula improves memory and brain performance in 3 unique ways.

1) It acts as a "brain detox", supporting phagocytosis (the brains natural detox process) by giving the brain what it needs to help flush amyloid plaque naturally.

2) It includes potent anti-plaque compounds, which are rarely obtained through even the healthiest diet, protecting your brain health for the long-term.

3) It helps repair damage from plaque buildup by assisting the growth of new neurons, even in adults.

What's in Perfect Memory's Unique Formula?

MADE IN THE USA. GMP CERTIFIED. FDA REGISTERED - Perfect Memory is created using only high quality, clinically-tested ingredients combined with natural rice extract binders and plant-based vegetarian capsules. We use zero stearates, which may increase the risk of cognitive issues and are found in many other brain supplements.

Perfect Memory is made in a state-of-the-art USA facility, which is FDA registered and GMP certified.

Here is our current ingredient label: Perfect Memory Ingredients

View a full explanation of our ingredients here.

Perfect Memory is formulated based on the latest memory research and the work of Dr. Benny Antony, who created our patented ingredient (US Patent No 8859020).

Innovator of the Year Award

Perfect Memory's key ingredient (US Patent No. 8859020) is patented to improve memory and received the "Innovator of the Year Award" for its unique breakthrough.

Derived from curcuminoids extract and ar-turmerone, our BCM95 memory ingredient has been enhanced to improve its effectiveness, while remaining safe with no side effects.

Our unique compounds are also backed by neuroscientists, 15 worldwide patents, and over 163 research studies.

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